10 candidates for the #IWS16 scholarship in Portugal.

In alphabetical orders (by last name) please find the 10 candidates for the #IWS16 scholarship in Portugal. You will find out why they believe they should win the scholarship. Please read what they had to say before voting here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/169324946513268/permalink/915791801866575/


1) Barbara Barrielle – USA
I am an avid #winelover, wine drinker and wine writer.  I live in wine country and have worked in the business but, in an effort to make sure I didn’t get complacent and rely on “California palate” I endeavor to discover and appreciate wines from regions where they discovered wine and continue to produce old world wines for the tastes of to the old and new world wine lovers.
I will dedicate myself to immersing myself into the wines of the Douro, both fortified and unfortified, black and white varietals.  The region is historically significant, geographically stunning and culturally both traditional and sophisticated.  I will work on spreading the work of #winelover and growing the community.  I have a significant facebook base and thousands of instagram followers….growing daily.
As an emissary for the community you are growing I will reach out to all of my audiences, including the huge base of digital nomads of which I am a part.  We cruised from Cartagena to Lisbon this summer and, while the technological aspects of our international group were in focus, there is a need and a desire to learn more about cultures through food and wine.  I will be leading wine education on upcoming digital nomad events and will reach out to encourage this group of young, educated and affluent professionals to attend the #winelover Douro Symposium.
To summarize, I will do my absolute best to appreciate the wines of the Douro region and spread the word on both the wines and #winelover!
2) Misha Dave – India
The international #winelover symposium of 2016 will be an excellent opportunity for me to contribute to a group passionate about wine appreciation, but also passionate about helping others, primarily in the fight against cancer. I am am oenophile passionate about wine culture, wine appreciaton and the rich diversity of wine from around the world. Furthermore, I have been active in the social and charity space – and can offer skills in that area to help grow the beautiful work of the #winelover community in the fight against cancer. I have been touched by cancer in both my family and friend circles over the years, first with my dear friend at 18 years who was diagnosed and subsequently died of Leukemia after battling the illness for a few years; and most recently an Uncle, and Aunt and a friend’s mother. I know how difficult the fight is for many families – and anything we can do to help those suffering, and find treatments, will be a great cause to be a part of. I believe I can offer my 10 years experience in communications, program management, intergovernmental relations and managing committees, communities, multi-stakeholder and diverse group based policies – albeit in the social space, where I was convening governments, private sector and local communities to build consensus on programs. These transferrable skills can be of value to the #winelover community where I can help pre, during nd post the symposium to help community members build, shape and develop the goals and framework of the community – which will help guide future objectives. I can develop and help articulate the group’s mission, mandate and objectives for the year – and administer and collect results from surveys to inform the agenda of the symposium and various workshops. I can also work with members to provide content and visuals to the media and help record more interactive profiles and media clips and messaging to use both internally for the group and to communicate out to the world more externally through print and tv media – working with partners on the ground in Portugal and leveraging the media of each participant country. This would include providing social media and creative content support to the organizers and members as well. My skills would be useful in helping develop the foundational elements to the community such as structure/organizational goals and chart, framework, panel themes, and content on mission/goals to inform the future of the #winelover community – and during the symposium I can help take notes and articulate tasks, responsibilities, admin profiles and goals of panels, I am also adept at facilitating panel discussions if needed. I am also a very creative and engaging person (I would like to believe!) and can help with visuals and set up at the venue. I also have over a decade experience organizing weddings and tastings and other events – and can easily provide logistical support on the ground leading to and during the symposium. I enjoy the experience and warmth of convening people together towards a great cause and to spread passion for wine and charity work around the world. I would be honoured to support the #winelover community towards its goals in this regard. The #winelover community is like a mini-UN and that is why I see so many similarities between the government work I have done and what I can offer to this group – to further its interests and celebrate its diversity. As I transition my career from the non profit/social sector in India (which I will always volunteer and be a part of) to spreading wine appreciation in India – the exposure and learnings the #winelover community and family can provide at this symposium would be instrumental and appreciated. As you can imagine working in the social space in India has meant my budget has been very tight, and I am hoping this scholarship opportunity can help make my transition to the world of wine a little easier given the many financial pressures associated with starting in a new industry, and developing country. Thank you for your consideration,
3) Burçak Desombre – Turkey
Dear International #winelover Symposium Scholarship Committee,
I am Burçak Desombre aka The Pricipessa of #winelover community since few months. I have met this lovely community back in 2012 during EWBC Izmir and felled in love with the spirit. Since then I tried to be involved as much as I can and met wonderful sisters and brothers in Wine from all around world thanks to the community.
I discovered new destinations, new wines and new friends with you. The community helped me in many ways but most important of all a feeling of being connected all over the place with like minded and very kind people that I share the same passion.
I always felt as involved as possible and more and more over the years with the #winelover community. And since the idea of the Symposium came up I was very happy that we were moving on to same more serious plans with the group. I’m very happy to be involved in this plans as a board member and I’am ready to give back more to the community in any ways that I can and share what I have learnt and spread the joy for new members new events and in other ways that I can help.
As many of the #winelover – s, I try to pay my studies (WSET Dip for the moment but hope for more), travel the world to discover different wines and be present in as many wine events as possible to be a better #winelover. Things are getting unfortunately more and more difficult in Turkey especially since the 2013 Alcohol law. Obviously Turkey has other problems but this one touches my business the most. So I have had a long standing plan to leave the country and since the recent events I feel I should do it quicker than planned. So I am considering seriously to move to Portugal if I can find business opportunities.
I believe I have strong communication and organisation skills and I can also be in help with the Education task force. And if I move to Portugal I can be closer to a lot of members to be in the core of the organisations to come in the future.
This scholarship can be a great financial help for me for the moment being but I will attend the 1st International #winelover Symposium as promised even if I don’t get the it. I cant miss the “naissance” of our new baby
Wish you a lovely and winey day,
And see you very soon!
4) Pablo Dotta – Uruguay
Right now i´m moving to France for three years and is the first time I travel to Europe, so everything is going to be a discovering to me and I´m going to share it with every winelover I can reach. I come from the communication world before I get into wine, and I try to tell people as much as I can about my passion, the wine and it´s world. I´m hungry for experiences, places, photos, histories and everything that I can see or feel in Europe. And I want to share it.
5) Maria Alexandra Galbeaza – Romania
I am crazy about wine and mainly on wine tourism. I started a NGO on wine tourism  some months ago specially to develop some projects that may help in developing wine tourism. Due to my scientific research (as I am a Ph.D. student) and my passion for love I participated this year at a international wine tourism conference where I discovered the importance of a world wine community upon the world wine tourism.
So, I do think that thw winelover community does not only mean tasting wine, knowing better the international and national varieties but also identifying the winelovers’ profile ( their needs, their expectations, their likes and dislikes in terms of wine tourism and the list may continue).
I am extremely enthusiast about this field and I do hope to be more involved in this community with the ideas that come through my mind: workshops, conferences gathering the main stakeholders in wine  tourism that could lead to a long term development strategy of this community and the profile of wine tourists. Thus, cellaries may prioritize and offer distinctive services for their tourists

I think that a ling term development strategy for   this community would be very useful.

I would have really come to this symposium but because of the many expenses witb my PhD …I could not afford. Hope to be accepted.
6) Frank Roman – Brazil
Dear Winelovers I’m a 52 year old man who have invested in wine production and wine promotion. I believe I can contribute with our cause by converting all my friends and network to embrace it, as well as by helping other winelovers on promoting and organizing their events. I have a very strong relation with the “wine world” in Brazil and South America (wineries owners, sommeliers, oenologes, merchants and bloggers). I’m embracing this cause with all my heart!
7) Carl Edmund Sherman – France

Fellow #winelover-s, firstly, thank you for reviewing my application to the #IWS16 scholarship.

I have dreamt about such a symposium for several years now, for one simple reason: our future.Those #winelover-s who know me are well aware of my bubbly drive and motivation. My goal is to continue to take a proactive part in developing the future of who we are, what we can offer, and how we can keep improving our community.Briefly who I am:

  • –  1 of 3 Ambassadors for France to the #winelover community
  • –  The Champagne Specialist
  • –  Organizer of 1st #winelover #Champagne #hangout (2015)
  • –  Consistently offering insight into visiting Champagne for professionals and amateurs
  • –  Active in promoting the #winelover community to new and existing members, online and in personThe future of our #winelover community as I see it includes:- #gopro – create a “pro” team within the #winelover community, so we can respond to professional requests and develop a greater awareness of wine (-making, health, consumption, education, and tours)Funding: direct a part of #gopro earnings towards ongoing and future cancer awareness, scholarship funding, and more

    Synergy: help independent professional #winelover-s who promote our community within the context of their business

    – Education: offer educational solutions to professionals and amateurs who wish to learn more about wine

    Having been an active member of the community, my greatest wish is to take this action to the next level. Based on what is decided at the symposium, I would like to help us reach a greater audience and contribute to making the #winelover community an authority when it comes to wine education, professional services and cancer awareness.

8) Rita Takaró – Hungary
You know it already, that the mission of my life is to make the undervalued and undiscovered Tokaj region and it’s wines internationally well know because I believe that this is a beautiful treasure with lot of unique assets where I’m living now. I’ve been working hard on this mission for ten years also doing lot of voluntary work to guide people here sharing my passion and love of Tokaji wines. My faith to make things better through communities’ work is strong and this is why I’m actually working for the association Confrérie the Tokaj. Since I’m a member and specialist of the #winelover community I try to do my best to share experiences and great memories according to the concept of this great community. I am glad that I could help to organize the “Tokaj part” of the #winelover trip this June and I hope I will be able to do it every year in the future. I am very proud to be part of your #winelover mission and I would love to do even more activities to strengthen this community with all of my knowledge and passion.

9) Pinny Tam – USA
I believe I am uniquely qualified for the #IWS16 scholarship as I am a dedicated wine lover and have been trying multiple ways to pursue my passion. As you nicely put it when I met you in the Chile wine tasting event in New York a few years back, I may have caught the “wine bug”! After passing the WSET intermediate back in 2012, I have started writing a blog called Pairing Chinese Food with Wines (http://chinesefoodandwinepairings.com/). The blog led me to the Wine Blogger Conference where I met you guys, the passionate wine experts and regular wine drinkers, and anyone in-between. To promote wine knowledge for the millennials, I have become the “Wine Hero” in the Wine Riot, a major New York wine tasting event that takes place twice a year since 2015. This past December, I have also started a service that offers affordable wine tasting experience at clients’ homes. Attending the #IWS16 will be a dream coming true for me, giving me a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the members of #winelover and to obtain more understanding of the true spirit of this great community. This great experience will no doubt empower me to take on more initiatives in promoting this community of passionate and genuinely kind people who enjoy life through wines, food and friendship! 


10) Tanisha Townsend – USA

**Thank you for the opportunity to submit my application for the 1st Symposium scholarship! I became a member of the #winelover community after attending my first DWCC in Switzerland. From then on I have networked, posted and shared with that community, but welcome the opportunity to contribute in a more meaningful way, the 1st Wine Symposium in Portugal. I have extensive international experience educating and entertaining people on wine. I’ve taught at the collegiate level in North America and Europe and presented at conferences on the topic of storytelling and wine. Recently through the use of Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, I have broadened my reach to 5000+ wine lovers!  Therefore I not only as a member of the community have a passion for wine itself, I’m able to share in various formats and reach thousands about wine.
**At the symposium I would like to show firsthand how the aforementioned social media outlets can help expand interest, education and sharing in the community. I want to create content and tell the #winelover story. My outgoing personality and wit allow me to put people at ease and present information in a way that makes it easy to digest. I see myself capturing tasting moments, candid interviews and picturesque scenery to share throughout our community as the scholarship recipient. And if interest is there, I’d love to participate on or consult with a panel regarding how videos and live streaming could benefit the #winelover community and the industry as a whole.