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Oenorama 2019: The coverage of the event by Gian Luca Garattoni

… On March 1st til 3rd, 2019, the 26th edition of Oenorama has taken place in Athens in the beautiful venue of Zappeion, five minutes walk from Syntagma Square Some 180 wineries from across the country were present bringing the flavors of many varieties and terroirs. Since the subject is, in my opinion, very vast, I’ve chosen to focus this article… Read more →

Madeira is for #winelover-s. Thank you!

My dear friends and fellow #winelover-s, The 7th celebration of the anniversary of #winelover community comes to an end… And what a celebration! 🙏 I just want to say a few words:1. Thank you so much Ana Sofia de Oliveira for making it happen. You did an amazing job out of organizing one of the best celebrations we ever had. Thanks to you, Madeira… Read more →

Open letter to the Sommeliers Choice Awards

Open letter to the Sommeliers Choice Awards: Fellow members of the Sommeliers Choice Awards, Yesterday I found out via a posting on Facebook that I was included on your “Top Wine Influencers In 2019 You Need to Pay Attention To.” So let me start where I should: Thank you very very much for including me. This was greatly appreciated. However, my… Read more →

The program of the 6th anniversary of the #winelover community in Tarragona.

Are you ready to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the #winelover community in Tarragona?   Here is the amazing program put together by  Sinisa Curavic at SweetEasy Lifestyle & Concepts wine tours. #SeeYouInTarragona   Cheers, Luiz Alberto Founder of the #winelover community Founder of the #LifeLover community Master of Wine candidate (former) Italian Wine Ambassador I combine my passion for wine with social media Follow me on twitter: @thewinehub  On Instagram: 1winelove… Read more →

#WINELOVER-S Join BYOB Dinner in Belgrade

Giannis Krassaki, #winelover  In the period from 12th till 16th October, 2017, our #winelover community, which counts more than 25,000 members, gathered in Belgrade (Serbia) in order to celebrate International  Prokupac Day and get immersed in the Serbian wine scene. The first evening in Belgrade was dedicated to a BYOB dinner at Steak&Wine Bar. It was a great opportunity to… Read more →

#ProkupacDay is here to stay. Meet the “fathers of the child” and the “rest of the family.”

  Being the optimist person that I am, I went to Belgrade with high expectations of having a great time with dear friends (both old and new) and drink good wine. And guess what? Not only my expectations were met, but they were exceed in every possible way! Igor Lukovic and Tomislav Ivanovic (the “fathers of the child”) not only… Read more →