10 candidates for the #IWS16 scholarship in Portugal.

In alphabetical orders (by last name) please find the 10 candidates for the #IWS16 scholarship in Portugal. You will find out why they believe they should win the scholarship. Please read what they had to say before voting here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/169324946513268/permalink/915791801866575/   1) Barbara Barrielle – USA I am an avid #winelover, wine drinker and wine writer.  I live in wine country and… Read more →

Worlds best sommelier 2016

I sat through a fab night looking at the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (AIS) final – the world best sommelier final at youtube. I must say I loved it – then again I am a wine nerd and not a normal wine consumer. The #winelover community wants to gives our warmest congratulations to Arvid Rosengren, Sweden’s second world champion… Read more →

Piemonte, Wine and Travel Atlas (by Paul Balke, #winelover)

  Piedmont (Piemonte in Italian), one of my favorite wine regions of the planet. Now it has a very nice “Wine and Travel Atlas”. •/• Paul and I during a wine trip in Italy. •/• Paul Balke (author, journalist, wine expert, Barolo specialist, and #winelover) wrote a book, filled with with very nice  pictures, excellent maps, texts about the wine, culture,… Read more →

Are you a #winelover? This is why you should go to Vinitaly this year.

  VERONA APRIL 10-13 2016   WHY VINITALY IN 2016: • IT’S THE 50TH EDITION-1ST ONE WAS IN 1967. Since then, this is the event that more than any other has marked the evolution of the wine system on a national and international scale, helping to make wine one of the most exciting and dynamic realities of Made in Italy.). • THE largest event dedicated to… Read more →

Juanico. The biggest winery in Uruguay is also one of the best.

  Last week I had the opportunity to visit one of the most traditional wineries of Uruguay: Juanico (Familia Deicas).   History: Before becoming the property of the Deicas family, the Juanico winery land had many other owners. Notably among these was Don Francisco Juanico, who in 1830 broke with the traditional farming methods of the area and constructed an… Read more →

A new discovery in Uruguay: De Lucca. Wines made for #winelover-s.

Reinaldo de Lucca, #winelover   The winery started at end of 19th century. Reinaldo de Lucca’s grand parents arrived from Italy and his grandfather bought the land. The winery was producing wine from old vineyards of Tannat*. His father continued developing the winery. Reinaldo studied agronomy engineering and went to the U.S., then he went to France to study viticulture.… Read more →

A €2,500.00 t-shirt… Amazing hearts and a lot of generosity from the Sicilia DOC producers.

Magnus Reuterdahl, Antonio Rallo (Donnafugata – President Sicilia DOC) – Luiz Alberto   A €2,500.00 t-shirt… Amazing hearts and a lot of generosity from the Sicilia DOC producers. Here is the link to the video when we received a very generous donation of €2,500.00 at the Donnafugata winery in Marsala, Sicily this past October. ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ Sicilia DOC donation to the “#winelover against… Read more →

Antonio Benanti talks about a bright future for Etna wines.

#winelover, if you, like me, are a ‪#‎EtnaWineLover‬… You don’t want to miss this! 🙂 Here is the link: Antonio Benanti and the future of Etna wines… Cheers, >>> Founder of the #winelover community >>> Master of Wine candidate >>> Member of the Circle of Wine Writers >>> Italian Wine Ambassador >>> I combine my passion for wine with social media >>> Follow me on… Read more →