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Elizabeth Gabay MW   Elizabeth started off with a degree in history and a passion to work in something ‘historical’. After a brief stint in publishing and theatre, a year of global back-packing, she returned to Europe unsure where to go next. Wine had always been a hobby, and frequent visits to south eastern France led to her starting a… Read more →


Bruno Gaberšek   Bruno is a Slovene #winelover, wine & food writer, wine educator, organizer and passionate traveler. Despite the fact that he was not born in the countryside, he grew his interest in wine during his youth in the city and attending chemistry in high school, when the wine his father was buying (bulk) every autumn (sometimes in the… Read more →


Mari V. Ardelean   Mari collaborates with various European wine producer companies, but she also wishes to contribute to Romania’s cultural, social and economical rebirth and its image, both in Europe and globally. Quality Romanian wines can and are already greatly improving the perception of the country. Through ”Romania, The Land of Wines” Association she has organised promotion and awareness… Read more →


Mariëlla Beukers   Mariëlla is a Dutch #winelover, wine writer, blogger, historian and communications specialist. With a university degree in medieval history, she works as a PR and Marketing specialist for Dutch museums. Later in life, wine became a great passion, and she is happiest combining the two interests, wine and history. She completed the Dutch Wijnacademie and became ‘Vinoloog’… Read more →


Georgi Mihov   Georgi is a #winelover who comes from the small town of Debeletz in the middle of Bulgaria, where only homemade wines are made. Trained to be an engineer in high school and later in Technical University, young Georgi was giving all signs of a promising mechanical engineer. However, at some point he must had been affected by… Read more →


Tomislav Ivanovic   When Tomislav started a website dedicated to the Serbian wine scene almost 5 years ago, there were 120 wineries in Serbia. His goal was to create a hub where info about Serbian wineries and wine scene will accumulate and to stimulate local winelover-s to go beyond their common wine experiences and discover other wine regions, varieties, wines.… Read more →