#winelover Ambassadors


File:Flag of Argentina.svg

Gabriel Dvoskin


Worked as a journalist in France, the US and Asia for 15 years before heading back to his native Argentina. He went to work in a vineyard in Mendoza and there he commits to a slow natural pace, depth and real character of things. A Certified Sommelier, this #winelover is also a freelance wine reporter and has his own blog (www.vinicast.com). https://www.facebook.com/gabriel.dvoskin – Twitter: @Vinicastcom

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Angelika Deutsch


Part time food journalist since 1988, full time wine and food writer since 2011. Enthusiastic traveller through vineyards and kitchens. Loves connecting people. Passion for wine shown at several #winelover events. www.kulinarischersalon.comwww.facebook.com/angelika.deutsch Twitter: @culinarsalon

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Marc Roisin


Co-founder and CEO of Vinogusto.com , Organizer Of Wbis.eu, he loves wine, new technologies and online communication and being a #winelover. He really enjoys setting-up creative and efficient consumer-oriented wine communication – http://www.vinogusto.com/ – https://www.facebook.com/MarcRoisin – Twitter: @marcroisin

File:Flag of Brazil.svg

Luciana Bráz


International Wine Observer, Strategic Marketing MBA, PreHistoric Internet junkie, HighTech dopy, Insomniac, Idiosyncratic, coffee addict & #winelover – WineTalkGroup.com  –  https://www.facebook.com/winetalkgroup – Twitter: @winetalkgroup

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Arto Koskelo


The wine guy of the morning show at MTV3 Finland. Published author on wine. Communicator of the year shortlisted -13 (IWSC). An idiot and an  iconoclast  #winelover    – viinipiru.fi  – https://www.facebook.com/arto.koskelo – Twitter: @Arto_Koskelo


Carl Edmund Sherman


Swedish-American Champagne enthusiast and professional. Living where the grapes are pressed for wine, and no one is pressed for time. International business developer, lover of wine, food, travel, friends and a little thing called life (a true #winelover!). Wineloving knows no borders.  https://www.facebook.com/carledmundsherman – Twitter: @bubbleville

Fabien Lainé

Sommelier and Sake Sommelier Certified SSA, Blogger, Wine Converter, #winelover, Foodlover, Content Creator, Sharing his Passion around Wine, Food & Travel – VinDeling.com – https://www.facebook.com/fabien.laine – Twitter: @fabienlaine

Vincent Pétré


#winelover from Champagne. Social media consultant for the wine trade. He can’t stop dreaming of wine diversity, wine architecture, landscapes, history and, of course, food shared with friends and on social media. Blog : www.vincentpetre.com – Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/petre.vincent – Twitter : @vincentpetre


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[collapse title=”Jan Matthias Klein” state=”active”]


A wine drinker, #winelover but before all a winemaker, Riesling enthusiast and Ambassdor, he runs our 1150 year-old family winery, finally going organic Staffelter Hof – http://www.staffelterhof.de/ –  https://www.facebook.com/jamakl – Twitter: @moselriesling


[collapse title=”Karin Luize De Carvalho” state=”active”]


Riesling and #winelover, Brazilian/German soul, social media communicator and specialist in putting together partnerships and marketing solutions for wine, lifestyle and tourism around the world. Find her at http://facebook.com/karinbrazil , her newest all-things-good blog www.l-hedoniste.com, or writing about Wines of Brazil or twitting @karinbrazil


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[collapse title=”Ted Lelekas” state=”active”]


Athens, Greece-based wine journalist, blogger, educator and consultant; #winelover; Certified Pro Olive Oil Expert; passionate about food and wine tourism; dedicated to sharing amazing experiences with a growing audience in Greece and beyond. Blog: www.telegourmet.orghttps://www.facebook.com/TedLelekas; Twitter: @ted_lelekas


File:Civil Ensign of Hungary.svg

[collapse title=”Rita Toth” state=”active”]


Dedicated #winelover & #travellover – AIWS/WSET Diploma holder, BA in Business Management. She grew up in the vineyards of Eger, inspired by Australian and Italian wine regions. http://www.facebook.com/rita.toth – Twitter: @RitaToth21


[collapse title=”Reka Haros” state =”active”]


#winelover with a strategic mindset, specialized in marketing, communications and business development. Co-owner at Sfriso Winery, lives the wine world in a lighthearted and fun way, because sometimes wine it is just necessary. https://www.facebook.com/reka.haros – Twitter: @PierSfriso



[collapse title=”Karina Aggarwal” state=”active”]


Wine writer, consultant, trainer, social media advisor and wine juror based out of New Delhi, India. Founder of Gigglewater411. #Winelover and hedonist-at-large, always on the look out for the next vinous and epicurean adventure around the world. Website: www.gigglewater.com  FB: https://www.facebook.com/karina.aggarwal.14 https://www.facebook.com/gigglewater Twitter: @giggle_water


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[collapse title=”Anna Ruini” state =”active”]


#winelover and foodlover from Tuscany, after graduating at University of Gastronomic Science, moved to Sicily to work for a wine producer in Marketing & PR as Social Media Manager. https://www.facebook.com/anna.ruini – Twitter: @nanna_rui


[collapse title=”Elena Roppa” state =”active”]


#winelover from Friuli Venezia Giulia. Event Manager and Wine & Food Marketing consultant and teacher. She is often in the #wine cellar! Organized the 2nd anniversary of the #winelover community in Trieste. https://www.facebook.com/elena.roppa Twitter: @ElenaRoppa


[collapse title=”Elisabetta Tosi” state =”active”]


#winelover from the renowned area of Italian wine production: Valpolicella! Graduated in philosophy, experienced journalist in old media (magazines, tv, radio…). Partner at Fermenti Digitali (consultancy for the the world of wine and new technologies). https://www.facebook.com/elisabetta.tosi – Twitter: @VinoPigro


[collapse title=”Giampiero Nadali” state =”active”]


#winelover from Valpolicella, Italy. Pioneer wine blogger in 2005 with his blog Aristide.biz, founder and partner at Fermenti Digitali, he co-runs the new website Terroir Amarone dedicated to independent wine reports from Valpolicella – http://giampieronadali.comhttps://www.facebook.com/giampiero.nadali – Twitter: @aristideblog


[collapse title=”Sarah May Grunwald” state =”active”]


#winelover from California who settled in Italy in 2005. She is a co-founder of The Rome Digest, has a sommelier certificate from AIS and is a professor of Italian Wine Studies at the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici. She runs Antiqua Tours . https://www.facebook.com/sarah.may – Twitter: @AntiquaTours


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[collapse title=”Ivana Simjanovska” state=”active”]


Co-Author and publisher of the first Macedonian Wine Guide, Wine Tourism Specialist, Editor in chief at Vino.Mk, Wine consultant, wine judge and #winelover – http://www.vino.mk/ – https://www.facebook.com/ivana.simjanovska – Twitter: @ISimjanovska


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[collapse title=”Mariëlla Beukers” state=”active”]


#winelover from a country that counted for the wine merchants of the world once. Wine blogger since 2003 on her website Wijnkronieken.nl, historian and free lance wine writer and passionate about the history of wine. https://www.facebook.com/mariella.beukers Twitter: @Wijnkronieken


[collapse title=”Christian Callec” state=”active”]


VRP wines & spirits for 10 years, 1 year CHR marketing; self-employed F&B freelance writer since 1995 (professional and consumer magazines). Gourmand Award winner for his Complete Wine Encyclopedia in 2003. International Wine (and gourmet products) juror. Proud to be a #winelover! www.christiancallec.com/bloghttps://www.facebook.com/christian.callec       Twitter: @CallecChristian



[collapse title=”Roger Kolbu” state=”active”]

Webmaster & #winelover – A wine cellar as big as his heart – Life is to him Wine & Food, Music, Coffee, Photo and Movies! – https://www.facebook.com/roger.kolbu – Twitter: @RoKo2001


[collapse title=”Lesya Onyshko” state=”active”]

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.27.29 AM

Co-founder and vice president Polish Women and Wine Association. http://kobietyiwino.com/  #winelover with Ukrainian soul, passionate about good food and wine – sweet, please 🙂 – Next year will dedicate to WSET Diploma Studies and meeting more from around the world. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesya.onyshko – Instagram: https://instagram.com/lesyaonyshko 


[collapse title=”Maciek Gontarz” state=”active”]


#winelover by soul and heart, based in Poland. Into wine since 2001. WSET student, EWBC participant. Blogging at Viniculture.pl. Former co-founder of the biggest Polish online wine magazine. Co-owner of PracowniaWino.pl – providing trainings and tasting for #winelover-s. On a daily basis, eCommerce Manager at Winezja.pl. https://www.facebook.com/maciek.gontarz – Twitter: @viniculture_pl 



[collapse title=”André Ribeirinho” state =”active”]


The Founder and the Chief Wine Evangelist at Adegga.com, the Chief Curator at Adegga Wine Market, a founder of AVIN#winelover and Port Wine Ambassador – andrerib.com – https://www.facebook.com/andrerib – Twitter: @andrerib

[collapse title=”Daniel Matos” state=”active”]

The right hand of the Adegga.com company, he is the tech geek, perfectionist, definitely Champagne lover, foodie and #winelover – https://www.facebook.com/danielmatos – Twitter: @dmatos


[collapse title=”Ana Sofia de Oliveira” state=”active”]


Wine communication and marketing consultancy at The Wine Agency for Wines of Brasil in the UK and several individual Portuguese producers. Co-owner of the first creperie in Lisbon (La Crêperie da Ribeira). French and Portuguese #winelover and #foodlover. https://www.facebook.com/AnSodeOliveira– Twitter: @AnaSofia_Oliv


[collapse title=”Ricardo Bernardo” state=”active”]


#winelover from the Algarve. In the begining of 2014 Ricardo, quited is day job to became a full time wine photographer. Loves Madeira wines, whites with crisp acidity and reds with character. web: ricardobernardo.pt Twitter: @zone41



[collapse title=”Razvan Stoenescu” state=”active”]


#winelover from Romania; participant of introductory courses in the art of wine tasting, sommeliers; jury participant in Awards of Excellence Vinul.ro; Int’l Wine Contest Bucharest (jury participant in bloggers panel); official member of “Tasters Association Certified Romania”. web: www.vin2.ro


File:Flag of Russia.svg

[collapse title=”Olga Mosina” state=”active”]


#winelover from Moscow, Russia, juggling her intense passion for wine, jazz and good jokes alongside a day job in the financial sector. A proud holder of the Sud de France Master-level certification, which is just the beginning wine-wise. http://jazzywine.wordpress.com/  – https://www.facebook.com/olga.mosina.moscow  – Twitter: @_jazzywine


File:Flag of Serbia.svg

[collapse title=”Dusan Jelic” state=”active”]


Founder & Social Media Manager of Wines of Balkans, passionate about wine and Internet & #winelover http://www.winesofbalkans.com/ https://www.facebook.com/dusan.jelic – Twitter: @StefanLuka


File:Flag of Slovakia.svg

[collapse title=”Peter Handzus” state=”active”]

Oenologist, teacher and #winelover, co-founder and CEO of Vinoforum Wine Academy, blogger and online communicator shared passion for #winesofslovakia – http://handzus.com & https://facebook.com/handzus.peter – Twitter: @peterhandzus


File:Flag of Spain.svg

[collapse title=”Carlos Scholderle” state=”active”]


Uruguayan #winelover who lives and loves Spain. Autodidact. Sommelier Courses in Spanish Federation of Hospitality. Writer. Wine blogger and freelance journalist (http://scholcar.blogspot.com.es/). Very active in Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/scholcar – Twitter: @scholcar –  google.com/+CarlosScholderle


[collapse title=”JJ Moraza” state=”active”]


#winelover and #winemaker of #organicwines www.bodegasmoraza.com (a family run winery with sixth generation experience as winegrowers and winemakers) in #rioja. She listens to tradition, but  she is open to modernity.  Twitter: @BodegasMoraza  – www.facebook.com/bodegasmoraza.


File:Flag of Sweden.svg

[collapse title=”Magnus Reuterdahl” state=”active”]


Giant viking, Swedish archaeologist & #winelover, blogs on #archaeology & wine, one of the best Swedish blogger and metal music fan   –  In Swedish on one of the biggest online magazines DinVinguide.se and on his blog http://vinotinto.wordpress.com/ and in English on the blog https://vinotintoinenglish.wordpress.com/  – https://www.facebook.com/magnus.reuterdahl – Twitter: @reuterdahl



[collapse title=”Burcak Desombre” state=”active”]

Turkey based #winelover. Consultant Sommelier/ Wine Educator. Certified Sommelier, founder & owner of Vinipedia Wine Consultancy, event organiser, wine tours in Turkey and abroad. Wine, Food, Travel lover… In Dionysos she believes… https://www.facebook.com/Vinipedia Twitter: @vinipediamInstagram: @vinipedia



[collapse title=”Hugues de Jacquelot” state=”active”]


Epicurean wine seller and #winelover. In Switzerland for 2 years and hundreds bottles, unknown vineyard but incredible discovery! http://www.swisswine.ch After wood, corks and labels, he is looking for new vinous adventures in Helvetia or wherever the wine will lead him! www.linkedin.com/pub/hugues-de-jacquelot/b/7b7/8a6https://www.facebook.com/hdejac Twitter: @hdejac


File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

[collapse title=”Jim Budd” state=”active”]


Drinks journalist since 1988 mainly wine with great fondness for Loire wines, he also investigates scams especially those involving wine investment but this #winelover believes wine is really made to enjoy! Several blogs plus take lots of pics too. http://jimsloire.blogspot.com/; http://investdrinks-blog.blogspot.com/; http://les5duvin.wordpress.com – https://www.facebook.com/jim.budd – Twitter: @jymbudd


[collapse title=”Andreja Laih” state=”active”]


Love for great wines and food, united with her 20 years of experience in creative and communication services were motive for her to start Haut de Gamme LTD to offer marketing and communication support to chefs and winemakers. This #winelover thinks there is nothing better than making profession out of passion. https://www.facebook.com/andreja.lajh Twitter: @Andreja


[collapse title=”William Wilson” state=”active”]

William Wilson

New London Sommelier looking forward to challenges and develop a great career. He loves anything wine,food,travel, photography  – He is a very passionate person who likes to share (& finish) good bottles .This #winelover popped out in our life during an incredible #winelover event in Mosel, Germany. And we wouldn’t miss a funny moment with him 😉  https://www.facebook.com/william.P.wilson Twitter: @WPWilson90



[collapse title=”Luiz A.G. Alberto” state=”active”]

Founder of the #winelover community – Institute of Masters of Wine candidate.  Combining his passion for wine with social media, he is judge at international wine competitions, wine educator and communicator –  thewinehub.blogspot.com – https://www.facebook.com/Luiz.Alberto.TWH – Twitter: @thewinehub

[collapse title=”Patrick Farrell MD MW” state=”active”]


One little jewel of the wine world and of the community, he is Master of Wine, physician, wine educator, lecturer, wine judge, #winelover, wine examiner, mentor, consultant to wine importers, wholesalers and retailers – http://www.bevwizard.com/ – https://www.facebook.com/pfarrellmw – Twitter: @winedocMW


[collapse title=”Diane Letulle” state=”active”]


A NYC area #winelover, wine writer, teacher, and lover, Diane has vineyard-hopped across Europe from Portugal to the Republic of Georgia.  She’s presented at several European wine tourism conferences and the Travel Bloggers Exchange in Dublin.
Wine Lover’s Journal www.loveswine.blogspot.comwww.facebook.com/dianeletulle – Twitter: @Diane_Letulle


[collapse title=”Cathrine Todd” state=”active”]


#winelover and Star Wars aficionado, WSET Diploma graduate, Masters of Wine candidate and freelance wine writer and social media geek in NYC. Blog: www.damewine.com https://www.facebook.com/cathrine.todd – Twitter @damewine