Carl Edmund Sherman



Champagne for #winelover s from Fabien Laine on Vimeo.

Passionate about the wine as well as the region of Champagne for some time now, Carl can trace his motivation to learn French back to his early days. For Carl, French is the language of love and for his love of the fruit from the vine, moving to France, and specifically to the Champagne region, is now deeply rooted in his life – professionally and personally.
Beginning as anyone visiting the Champagne region, first by looking up what others have done and where they have enjoyed visiting, Carl quickly learned intimately about the obvious and the less obvious gems to experience “en” Champagne.
Having been involved professionally for 5 years both living and working with Champagne, in various posts ranging from export sales, communication, representation, guiding, to now consulting and educating, Carl is thankful for having seen from within as well as from the outside the multitude of splendors which Champagne has to offer.
Few wine-producing regions have quite as much history, culture, importance, let alone produce with one word alone such an immediate global understanding as the word “Champagne”. For those interested in learning about said history, enjoy sharing in the culture – whether that be food and champagne pairings, architecture, art, music, landscapes – or the leading role that Champagne has today in the world, the best way to experience all of this is by visiting!
One of the greatest benefits of Champagne is its close proximity to the rest of the world, thanks to a wide range of modern transport solutions. In under an hour, one can leave Charles de Gaulle Roissy International Airport and stroll the streets of Reims, visit a famed Champagne House, eat at one of its many Michelin-starred restaurants, visit the famed 800+ year-old Cathedral of Notre Dame, or just enjoy strolling along the canal.
From Reims, another major city in Champagne or any of the picturesque villages, many thousands of destinations exist to learn more about Champagne the wine, the region and to have an unforgettable visit.
Helping to make this more accessible is a driving passion for Carl, and in addition to being one of the #winelover Ambassadors for France, a perfect reason why he has been selected as the #Champagnespecialist to the #winelover community.


Please feel free to reach out to him for advice or insight regarding le and/or la Champagne.
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