14678058_10210546609078715_226659836_oMore than a specialist, Pablo prefers to be called an enthusiast. He is a firm believer in Uruguayan wines, it’s present, past and future. Before becoming a somm, he worked four years in the oldest Uruguayan winery. But even before that, he used to write about wine and book pairing. Why? Because he finds a strong connection among them. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy neither of those, but there are some options that require preparation. Pablo always states: “If you are an occasional reader, and you take War and Peace, certainly after a few pages you will be tired. The same happens with wine”. You don’t carry the same book or wine when you are on holidays, when you want to think or to change.

He’s a freelancer Sommelier, writer, journalist, producer, and also a bon vivant. Now he’s living in France where he splits his time between work and study. His mid-term goal is to bring home new experiences but in the meantime, he shares his “Parisian” experience in his own webpage: www.pablodottasommelier.com.

By the way, even though he loves living in Paris, he misses the “asado” (traditional Uruguayan barbecue) and the Tannat.

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