Ricardo Bernardo


In the last few years Ricardo crafted a style that is marked by passion around wine photography. Wine producers and other wine-related businesses trust his talent to perpetuate very special moments with his creative and innovative approach to photography.


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His aim it’s to get the best of an event with a series of images in a very discrete way. He will always position his focus to capture the beauty of a moment: the label of a wine, its color… and even the tears of joy of someone who tastes a wine and falls in love with it.


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The recognition of his work comes in many ways. Last year he became a member of the prestigious Circle of the Wine Writers of London as a photographer. He is now a recognized expert in wine photography after years covering wine business events; from big conferences, to smaller tastings or sommelier contests.


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He says: “I’m a true #winelover and I’m always ready for a new assignment!”


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