Richard Auffrey



Richard, a licensed attorney and life-long resident of Massachusetts, has been involved in food and drink writing for nearly ten years, both freelance and through his blog, The Passionate Foodie ( He is also a Certified Sake Professional, acting as a Sake educator and consultant.


From Sake 101 classes to Sake-paired dinners, Richard is trying to spread his knowledge and passion for this intriguing Japanese alcohol. He continues his own studies of Sake, consuming any and all information he can discover, and freely sharing his knowledge with others.


He has created Sake programs for local restaurants, most recently for The Tasting Counter, a new tasting-menu restaurant coming to Somerville. It will have the honor of possessing the largest Sake menu of any non-Asian restaurant in the Boston area.


In addition, Richard has written over 300 Sake-related articles and reviews, from food pairing recommendations to advice to wine shops on how to sell more Sake. More recently, he has researched and written a couple unique articles on the early history of Sake breweries in North America..


Besides all this non-fiction, Richard even writes Sake-related fiction, the Tiipsy Sensei series, which involves a Sake expert who learns that the supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore are real. His three books include: The Tipsy Sensei & Others; Demons, Gods & Sake; and Hand Fed Tigers.  He is also working on a new Tipsy Sensei novel which is due out this fall.

If you, like me, love Sake … look no further! Richard is your guide!


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