WBC (Wine Bloggers Conference)

Thea Dwelle



Thea is a wine writer and wine blogger who was one of the original Wine Bloggers Conference attendees, and one of a handful of passionate bloggers who has attended every WBC.

Blogging sine 2008, she is well known in the wine blogging community as a wine blogger community activist, WBC enthusiast, as well as co-founding the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship in 2009. Thea has also been an Wine Bloggers Conference Advisory Board member since it’s inception 5 years ago.

A San Francisco native, Thea’s wine story began in college at Sonoma State University, in the heart of wine country. Volunteering for several local events, she tasted many different wines and met many winemakers. Here, she learned their stories. While attending SSU, she would frequently go wine tasting at local wineries to learn more about the wines and the region.

Luscious Lushes started as a monthly newsletter, and has developed in to a blog about wine, food, travel, and more. a newsletter in the early 2000s, her blog developed from that newsletter and the urging of her fellow winelovers. Today, her popular blog Luscious Lushes focuses on weaving stories about the people and places she has discovered wine tasting around the world.

In particular, Thea enjoys discovering new wineries that are unique and hidden gems, as well as undiscovered & underappreciated regions like Okanagan Valley and El Dorado County.

An avid fan and user of technology, Thea is a featured user on Vivino and Delectable, and writes create, fun, short reviews. With a passion for technology and how it can enable the wine industry, she spends her days working as a technical consultant in that realm. In addition to wine, she is a craft spirits enthusiast.

Thea holds her Certified Specialist of Wine and California Wine Appellation Specialist credentials, and is currently working on her Certified Spirits Specialist credential. In the near future, she plans on pursuing her Certified Wine Educator credential and possibly a WSET Diploma, with a goal of further educating herself and #winelovers everywhere.


Are you a #winelover and you want to know more about WBC? Look no further! Thea is here for you!

Do you want to get to know Thea in person? Come to Lodi, California next year!



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