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Mari collaborates with various European wine producer companies, but she also wishes to contribute to Romania’s cultural, social and economical rebirth and its image, both in Europe and globally. Quality Romanian wines can and are already greatly improving the perception of the country. Through ”Romania, The Land of Wines” Association she has organised promotion and awareness activities to support and improve the Romanian wines’ image. With her first book, ”50 Romanian wines meet 50 Italian dishes”, bilingual book, a volume that won second place this year at the Gourmand Drinks Awards competition and a special mention from the International Vine and Wine Organization, she has managed to create marketing and export opportunities for Romanian wine producers.

Now she dedicates her time and efforts to a large and ambitious project which will be of major support for the Romanian wine industry. “The Wine Book of Romania” is a complete guide book which will include all the best wines produced in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova.

This is what she had to say: “For me, wine is a continuing revelation of life and, implicitly, of humanity. Through wine, I constantly renew an intimate, heartfelt relationship with nature and I rediscover myself anew each and every single day. In the past 10 years almost everything I have done has been linked to wine industry.”


Career/ Current activities in Wine Industry:

  • Branding and marketing strategy consultant for various companies in the European Wine Industry
  • Professor at the Italian Chef Academy
  • Professional wine taster at national and international wine competitions and guides
  • President of the ”Romania, The Land of Wines” Association
  • Author of the”50 Romanian wines meet 50 Italian dishes” book
  • Preparing a complete wine guide book which will include all the Romanian and Moldavian wines – “The Wine Book of Romania”


Advanced studies in the field:

  • MBA (Master in Business Administration) in Wine Industry graduate, Trieste, Italy
  • School of sommeliers, 3 years, Milano, Italy
  • Major in Champagne, France
  • Specialization course in Bordeaux, at l’Ecole du Vin, France
  • Specialization course in Chongqing and Guangzhou, EMBA program, China
  • Major in wine and food pairing, Rome, Italy


Awards in the Wine Industry

  • Semi-finalist at “The Best Sommelier in the World” contest, London, United Kingdom, 2013
  • Award for Young Talents of Italy, Padua, Italy, 2013
  • Finalist at “Ambassadeur du Champagne”,  Milano, Italy, 2013
  • „The Best Sommelier of Romania”, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
  • ”Dame Chevalier des Coteaux du Champagne”, France, 2014
  • ”Sommelier of Honour”, Worldwide Sommelier Association and F.I.S., Rome, Italy, 2014
  • “Successful manager in the wine industry – Women category”, Spoleto, Italia, 2014


Looking for more information about Romania and its wines? Look no further! Mari will be your guide!!


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