Who we are


We are a free-flowing community of #winelover s – tradespeople and simple wine enthusiasts, amateurs and pros, serious collectors and newcomers – sharing a passion for wine and facilitating communication and education for all facets of the wine industry from vineyard to glass.

Our main platform is #winelover on Facebook (THE LARGEST of its kind, with over 28K members!) and we hold, whenever possible, periodic personal/live gatherings in wine regions.

#winelover prowein partyIn wine terms, we are:

Vintage– 2012, the year we started!

Variety– Someone who loves wine for its story, its people and its descriptors and not just as an alcohol delivery system.

Body– A strong, connected community that expresses itself through open minded social media and “real life” conversations and events.

Color Red, white, rosé… all races, faiths, nationalities, sexual identities and economic circumstances.

Nose– Powerful sense of open social interaction, spreading wine love and interest.

Mouth– Interesting, fun, informative, never offensive (no tainted corks!).

We have chosen English as our main language.

In terms of style and content, offensive language, commentary or harassment, or anything containing  any suggestion of bigotry, sexism, bullying or violence in our groups or meetings is strictly forbidden.

This community supports and promotes human rights but wishes to avoid combative political discussions.  Moderators will remove comments that seem to cross any ethical line.

Cortes De Cima #winelover


“Our community exists to promote the love of wine through digital media, social and educational events, as well as a wide array of information sharing.

Come one, come all, to share your food pairings, tasting notes, blog posts, and web articles. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and workmates.

And make sure you attend a #winelover hangout when one happens near to you. It’s an amazing experience that may change your #life!

Join us… Enjoy us…Walk on the wine side!”

Luiz Alberto, #winelover and community founder


“If you have a question, would enjoy cooperating with us or if you simply need further information about who we are and what we do, contact us : www.winelover.co/what-is-a-winelover/contact-us or via the email winelover at fame-creative lab.com. We would love to hear more from you!”

Karin Luize de Carvalho, #winelover and Chief Global Strategy & Marketing for the #winelover community