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Carl Edmund Sherman   Champagne for #winelover s from Fabien Laine on Vimeo. Passionate about the wine as well as the region of Champagne for some time now, Carl can trace his motivation to learn French back to his early days. For Carl, French is the language of love and for his love of the fruit from the vine, moving… Read more →


Elizabeth Gabay MW   Elizabeth started off with a degree in history and a passion to work in something ‘historical’. After a brief stint in publishing and theatre, a year of global back-packing, she returned to Europe unsure where to go next. Wine had always been a hobby, and frequent visits to south eastern France led to her starting a… Read more →


Carl Edmund Sherman Swedish-American Champagne enthusiast and professional. Living where the grapes are pressed for wine, and no one is pressed for time. International business developer, lover of wine, food, travel, friends and a little thing called life (a true #winelover!). Wineloving knows no borders.  https://www.facebook.com/carledmundsherman – @bubbleville Fabien Lainé Sommelier and Sake Sommelier Certified SSA, Blogger, Entrepreneur, #winelover, Foodlover, Content… Read more →