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Niklas Jörgensen is the founder of Mad about Madeira, a website launched in 2008 and entirely dedicated to the most breath-taking wine in the world – Madeira. Wine has been a passion of Niklas for almost 25 years. Stockholm and Sweden is his base since more than a decade and his day job is in the internet sector, in the… Read more →


Valeska Idarraga   Valeska was born in Barcelona. She inherited a talent for cooking from her Basque grandmother, a chef for 30 years at one of the most prestigious Spanish restaurants, and from her French father she has acquired the taste for gastronomic culture. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Barcelona University and she graduated in Journalism from… Read more →

Port Wine

Roy Hersh   At 17 Roy began working in a wine shop in Queens, New York. After a few years he left the area and went to culinary school upstate and afterwards on for another degree in Hotel Management, all the while taking wine courses and learning as much as he could. His passion for Port began in the early… Read more →