#winelover hangout Stockholm Adegga edition

Event Details

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/152553058412119/

As the restaurant /wine bar has limited space there will be a limited number of #winelover-s that can attend, 19 (and maybe a few more).


#winelover hangout Stockholm Adegga edition

On September 19th is Adegga WineMarket Stockholm 2015

They will make a #winelover menu for ca 50 euro 4 dishes! (we’ll make an interesting special selection of wines, possibly 19 or more)

As there is limited places I really need to know if you are coming, so start by saying yes (going). Then I will need a confirmation as well.

People also attending Adegga wine market in Stockholm will have first dibs!

The bar is open though!

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