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Wine & Lifestyle

Alison Marriott   Alison believes that wine should be a part of enjoying both the everyday and special occasions. Whether over candlelit dinners, on back porches, with friends in remote corners of the world, or during life’s biggest celebrations, Alison embraces the Bon Vivant lifestyle with gusto. Hospitality and entertaining are deeply ingrained values stemming from Alison’s long line of… Read more →

Wine & Golf

Peter Klerkx   Peter is a “Dutch” inspiring person (speaks English/German) extrovert, a managing director/ owner of his 3 companies Paliwigo (Passions Lifestyle Wine Golf) , World of Golfconsultancy, De Groeningenieurs, 24/7 he takes care of his quality time for his “clients”, children/ family and friends. Where wine, golf, photography are large issues. Always supporting others for 100% and the… Read more →


Valeska Idarraga   Valeska was born in Barcelona. She inherited a talent for cooking from her Basque grandmother, a chef for 30 years at one of the most prestigious Spanish restaurants, and from her French father she has acquired the taste for gastronomic culture. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Barcelona University and she graduated in Journalism from… Read more →


Christine Havens   Christine is a wine writer and former winemaker who has become a Vivino power user with over 30,000 followers largely thanks to her wine ratings. An early adopter, Christine has been sharing her reviews with fellow users since the app hit the US market in late fall 2011. She also frequently contributes articles and wine pairing recommendations… Read more →

Public Relations

Ana Sofia Oliveira Ana has been working in wine marketing and communication since moving from Paris (where she used to organise cultural events) to Lisbon. Her studies in Intercultural Communication gave her the skills to work with different cultures and professional environments which have proved very useful throughout her career. After a number of years as the Marketing and Communication Manager… Read more →

Old White Wine

Wayne Young   Marketing manager and head-roadie for the Bastianich Winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Wayne Young has been involved with wine for almost 25 years. Starting off at Wine Spectator in New York, then moving to the service sector at Joe Bastianich’s “Becco” in 1996 as Sommelier, a new horizon was presented to him in 1998 to work a… Read more →


Giulia Luccioli   Giulia is the Senior Managing Director of a group of leading wine estates in Italy. She started off her career with an advanced degree in Business & Communications from the University in Milan and attended Stanford University’s Specialization Course in Strategic Marketing.   Growing up in the United States, Giulia developed an early interest in wine during… Read more →