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Review By Tomislav Ivanovic
The  #Winelover organization brings together wine lovers from all meridians, and February get-together always carries with it special emotions because it represents formal birthday of #winelover community. This year, the third anniversary of #winelover organization had symbolic meaning: celebration took place on the same day, in the east and in the west of Europe, i.e. in Bucharest (Romania) and Lisbon (Portugal). To make the symbolism even greater, the date coincided with the celebration of St Tryphon’s Day, 14th February, 2015, the day that bears special importance for us in the Orthodox Christian world given that St Tryphon is regarded as the protector of winemakers and vinegrowers.
Vinopedia regularly participates in activities of #winelover organization, so this time, we have chosen to attend the gathering of wine lovers in Romania due to proximity of the venue.
Spremni za Bukurešt
Selected wineries from Romania took the opportunity to organize special tastings for #winelover community in Bucharest and present their wines, with the main emphasis on wines made from local varieties.

A Iancu
On this occasion, I will share with you my impressions about the wines we tasted, particularly those which stood out owing to their quality, style, authenticity or character. An important lesson that can be learned during the tasting of Romanian wines is that quality wines come from both small family wineries and large industrial wineries that have thousands of hectares of vineyards but still treasure special plots where grapes are produced for selected premium labels. We should also keep in mind that Romania is rather similar to Serbia given that virtually all international varieties can be found in its vineyards, but many wineries carefully produce wines from local varieties as well. Simply, it is the way to attract attention of the global wine market if you come from countries that have just recently earned their reputation as the so-called “New Old World.”

Can read more on the celebration at http://www.vinopedia.rs/?p=4563&lang=en

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