#winelover: the Audio Doc

Dear #winelover friends,

here comes another reason to be thankful: our wonderful Daniel Curovic has shared with us a very special memory (created by him) of our unforgettable 10-year anniversary of #winelover in Athens in 2022.

So enjoy the holidays, pour yourself a delicious glass of wine and spend 25 minutes this weekend reminiscing and listening to Karin Luize De Carvalho and Luiz Alberto talk about the beginnings of #winelover and what this community means to them and to all of us in the community.

The link to the podcast can be found on our Linktree: www.linktr.ee/winelover ! The piece was written by Elizabeth McCafferty (www.elizabethmccafferty.com) and is aimed at the general public. So if you want to share it with your friends who might not be as familiar with our community, you’re more than welcome to do so!