Embracing change and new opportunities!

My dearest friends and fellow #winelover-s,
As we celebrate 11 years of our wonderful community (Karin has organized a Zoom call for a virtual celebration, so be sure to join!), I can not express enough joy and gratitude for all the great things we have achieved together over this time.
However, life changes, and now is the time for me to step down as manager of the community and pass the torch to Karin Luize De Carvalho and Razvan Stoenescu. They are already deeply involved in all important aspects of the community’s decision-making, so this change of leadership is more of a formality than anything else.
The quote below may help you understand what led me to this decision. I will remain involved, and I hope to join you all in many more wine adventures to come. And again, thank you so much for all the support during these last 11 years!!
“Accept the fact that life is a flux of changes. As you make the difficult decision to choose one path over another, recognize that you may feel a sense of sorrow in the passing of your old ways. You must remain firm and remember that although the previous pleasures may have felt good in the moment, they can no longer serve your existing values. Instead, choose to embrace the new experiences and opportunities that come with change and find joy in the present. Be bold and courageous. Trust that the decisions you make are in alignment with your goals.”
– Aurelius, Ludovicus
Additionally, I am pleased to announce that, thanks to Ana Sofia de Oliveira, we are going to Portugal to celebrate our 11th anniversary in the Bairrada region from 03-07 may 2023 (“Baga Day” included). YAY!!! More details will be released soon… so, stay tuned!
Thank you for your attention. And thank you again for all the support!
All the best,
Luiz Alberto, #winelover