Open Letter From Luca Formentini (as he concluded his second mandate as president of the “Consorzio Lugana”).

Picture by Jürgen Schmücking

Dear Luganalover,

My second mandate as President of Consorzio Lugana has reached its conclusion.

With this message I want to thank you for the time and care you’ve dedicated to us.
I’ve been traveling around the world with the goal of letting the most influential and competent people in the market know about Lugana, its identity, its land and its people able to express Lugana through different voices.

It’s been an amazing journey through which I’ve had the privilege to meet amazing people and share ideas, feelings and thoughts through the sharing of our wines.

After these 6 years I will go back to dedicating my time to my family, my wine cellar and to composing new music (by the way, my new album “Scintilla” has just been released!).
Of course I will keep dedicating part of my time to preserving this area and promoting its potential.

It would be a pleasure to keep in touch with you and would like you to consider to add a stop to say hello and share a glass of Lugana when you are visiting lake Garda.

Thank you again for what you have done and will do to help us in putting Lugana among the names to be considered when you think about a white wine from Italy to recommend when you need an expression of high and consistent quality, identity, all the remarkable result of combining an indigenous variety with an amazing land, a real bridge between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Please keep in touch and remember you have a friend, in Lugana, at Selva Capuzza!

Best wishes,