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Rita Takaró #tokajlover #winelover   Wine has been an important part of Rita’s life from early on. Her first memories about grapes and wines are derived from the vineyards of her parents in the Kunság wine-growing area. Her actual career in the Hungarian wine sector started in 2006, when she worked for the Association Tokaj Renaissance, the Union of Classified… Read more →

Who is the most stylish #winelover in our community?

Picture by Fabien Laine during the Adegga Summer Wine Market 2013   The stylish wars: Vote for the most stylish #winelover in our community. Style may refer to: Fashion, a prevailing mode of expression, e.g., clothing Human physical appearance Hairstyle The way someone holds a glass or bottle of wine… or something else… Celebrating and promoting the ambassadors of the… Read more →