Many of our friends in the wine tourism industry are in need now. Please give a helping hand!

My dear friends and fellow #winelover-s,
At this point, we are all suffering (in different degrees) the disastrous effects of the Covid19 pandemic. But it’s hard to imagine anyone suffering more dire financial consequences than our friends in the wine tourism sector. All the work that they have now is to cancel tours and give full refunds to their customers… It’s sad… 😔
But I think that we, as a community, can help to minimize the damage in a few ways. And we need to seek creative solutions to mitigate this terrible situation.
There are many people needing a helping hand!
So these are a couple of things that I thought (but I hope that some of you can come up with even better ideas!):
  1. Do you know someone in the wine tourism business? Send them a note! Your message can feel like a bright light in these dark days. We all know that life is not only about our financial needs, so please be emotionally supportive. It will make a huge difference to some people who are “joy-deprived” these days.
  2. Make some travel plans for the second half of the year. And, if you have the means, pay for it in advance! This will not be a simple gesture of generosity like donating to the red cross (which, of course, is very important as well), but rather a message telling all these people that you believe in better days… those days when we be able to, again, celebrate life with wines and friends. 🙏
  3. Please share this. The more reach we have, the better chance of finding someone who is willing to help.
There’s light at the end of the tunnel…. Thank you so much everyone!!
Luiz Alberto,
Founder of the #winelover community
(and someone who has many dear friends in the wine tourism business)