The celebration of the 8th anniversary of the #winelover community in the Republic of Moldova. My thank you note.

And here I am once more…
Trying to find the right words to express my feelings… trying to convey a message that will make sense to both those who were with me and also to those of you who couldn’t join us here in the Republic of Moldova 🇲🇩 to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the #winelover community with us. But… how to describe something wonderful without giving the impression that one is bragging? How to tell people that they missed one of the most incredible trips in the history of our community without giving them the impression that you’re exaggerating to make them feel jealous?

Well, I’ll give it a try…


• Our ambassador for Moldova – Lilian Tomescu – and his wife – Veronika Tomescu Raetsky – put together a program that only highly experienced professionals can do. Everything worked as close to perfection as one only dreams of. The visits, the tastings, the meals, our anniversary party… I could spend the rest of my posting going on and on here… … but I’ll be brief: You did an AMAZING job. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙏


• I heard from many people that I was crazy for having our celebration in Moldova. In the middle of the winter… So I have to send another HUGE THANK YOU to all of those other “crazy” #winelovers who believed in the idea. Some of my dearest old friends… some of dearest new friends. I miss you all already! 💓


• We had a brilliant and passionate guide to help us better enjoy Moldova. THANK YOU SO MUCH Nicolina Colesnic for your patience, your knowledge… but, most of all, thanks for your beautiful smile! You’re a star! 👏



• I also need to thank (and I mean, a GIANT THANK YOU!) to all the producers who opened their cellars and hearts to us. Not only you make very very good wines but you are all GREAT people. You can count on what I already said… I’ll be back. 🍷🙏


• Last (but not least), I want to say that my heart is filled with joy… but there’s also this bittersweet feeling… thinking of those of you who really wanted to be with us but, that for one reason or another, couldn’t make it. I missed you dearly!!! ☹️


I guess this is it for now… Noroc!!! 🍷😀🥂








Luiz Alberto, founder of the #winelover community