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The #winelover community are #Luganalover-s – are you?

The#winelover  community is growing in number as a group and as a community. Today we are more than 18000 strong on Facebook, but there are also growing in numbers using the hashtag on twitter, instagram and on blogs and webpages. When we announced the third anniversary in Portugal a few days ago we sold out in hours. This is great but we will never be able to meet up all 18000 IRL. That’s why we also need to find causes and activities as a community online. They might be small, they be might big, they might be personal but they do concern wine. We call it Wine Sharing is Caring!

A few weeks ago the DWCC14 was held in Switzerland. We were a large group of #winelovers attending. There was also a number of representatives of different wine regions presenting their wines and winemakers. As we were in Switzerland the Swiss wine regions were represented – they brought us great wines, interesting grapes and lots of new experiences led by our Swiss #winelover José Vouillamoz and the DWCC. Other wine regions were the North Greece Constellation, Valpolicella, Taste Georgia, Wine Mosaic, Lugana and many more…

As we come together we started to speak of finding new ways to use the community and one our idea that came up is: Wine Sharing is Caring! A way for us as a community to focus on a quest, on something that we feel is important, to try to make a difference. What we learned was that Lugana is at risk, at big risk as there is a new railway planned to be built straight through the vine yards. We as though this was a good starting point.

Fraccaroli (600x398)

Lugana is about 1200 hectare viticulture and today 2-300 acres is threatened by a new railway, that is ca 20-25% of the vineyards. The railway will in fact destroy big parts of a unique wine region, a wine region that is partially unique due to it’s size and placement at the southern part of lake Garda in Italy. This is an area that can’t be replaced by expansion of the area in other directions. It is what it is due to the natural circumstances.

What is unique with Lugana is the fact that they more or less only grow only one grape, Turbiana, in a small area and still make wines with a great diversity. This is of course in part due to winemaking choices but perhaps evan more so to do with terroir. This is one of the most interesting areas in Italy when it comes to wines, the wines are made at very high quality no matter if they come from large or small producers, from traditional or experimental winemakers – basically no one lets you down. By slicing away a big chunk of Lugana, a big part of Lugana will disappear – forever or at least for a very long time.

More information can be found at http://www.luganawinetour.com/savelugana

The #winelover community supports Lugana and it’s winemakers in their struggle to remain a unique wine region and to find a different location for the railway.

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Magnus Reuterdahl, #winelover

On behalf of the #winelover community.