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Wine & Golf

Peter Klerkx   Peter is a “Dutch” inspiring person (speaks English/German) extrovert, a managing director/ owner of his 3 companies Paliwigo (Passions Lifestyle Wine Golf) , World of Golfconsultancy, De Groeningenieurs, 24/7 he takes care of his quality time for his “clients”, children/ family and friends. Where wine, golf, photography are large issues. Always supporting others for 100% and the… Read more →

#SaveLugana campaign – Help for the future #winelover !

#winelover for #SaveLugana #saveLugana – sign the petition here! The #winelover community are #Luganalover-s – are you? The#winelover  community is growing in number as a group and as a community. Today we are more than 18000 strong on Facebook, but there are also growing in numbers using the hashtag on twitter, instagram and on blogs and webpages. When we announced the… Read more →