Worlds best sommelier 2016

I sat through a fab night looking at the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (AIS) final – the world best sommelier final at youtube. I must say I loved it – then again I am a wine nerd and not a normal wine consumer.

The #winelover community wants to gives our warmest congratulations to Arvid Rosengren, Sweden’s second world champion sommelier. He competed against two other great sommeliers; Julie Dupouy-Young from Ireland and David Biraud from France.

Sommelier stage 2016, Argentina
Sommelier stage 2016, Argentina

Somewhere during the show, they said that about 2000 computers were logged in, that’s about 10% of the #winelover community – and there should be a lot more watchers! I love this kind of shows and almost missed it – just beacause I didin’t know about the live feed at youtube. There should be a much bigger audience but for that more work is needed to promote it – online!

AIS -If you want a bigger audience through social media #winelover might be a good partner!

Love that they used the term winelover over and over again in the show but they should all wear a #winelover t-shirt or pin next time around!

Magnus Reuterdahl